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Our Story

Back in 2003 while working for the Oil Industry we noticed that we had lots of free time on our hands, plus our future did not seem to have a solid foundation, you know the industry, it has its ups and downs... So we decided to do something about it. We would start a family business that could give us some extra support just in case!

So in 2005 we went live with DJ's Screen Printing, at first we started part time, working in our garage, taking orders that would keep us busy during the weekend. But as more people got to know us and our reputation for fast delivery, quality products and lets not forget good pricing, our business started to grow as well!

At first we started with a single station four color printer, we then added a vinyl cutter and a heat press. Today we have a four station six color printing press, embroidery machine, the heat press and vinyl cutter and more.

Even though we continue to grow we are still your friendly, local, family owned business looking for the opportunity to treat you like our own family! 

We at DJ's Screen Printing have a simple mission, to grow in our community and to continue to provide the best product available to our customers.

We guarantee our products 100%.

If you are not satisfied, let us know, we are sure we can find a solution for you.

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